‘Take a Flight and Meet your Bike’

Q: Why Would A Serious Rider Use a Motorcycle Transport Company?

A: To save time and enjoy your ride!

The big problem with motorcycle holidays is distance, time and weather. Australia is a BIG country and yet there is so much to see and do for the motorcycle enthusiast, ride the Great Ocean Road, visit the Hunter Valley, tour Tasmania, go to Moto GP’s or Club Rallies, visit Nth Qld, WA and many more options.

A 5 day ride out, is in reality, a 10 day ride – and the weather and time pressure can really make it miserable. Getting time off for a ride is hard too with the pressure at work nowadays.

Maximise your time and travel further afield with Bikes Only Transport FLY RIDE package.

With Bikes Only Transport, there’s no excuse not to go anymore. With our set runs and regular services we can accommodate the pickup and delivery of your bike to match your travel dates.

So grab your mates and get organised!

Schedule your shipment to have us pick up your bike or drop it off at our depot, then get online and book yourself a flight.

When you get there, simply meet at our depot in the capital city or even a motorcycle dealer or we can drop off at your hotel. Naturally the reverse applies if you choose to ride fly there.