How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Transport

Transport Tips - Preparing Your Bike For Transport

Tips for Motorcycle Transport

It’s important with any motorcycle transport to prepare your bike properly. By taking the time to complete the following, you will maximize the safety of your bike and also be properly prepared in case of any need for insurance claims.

These tips are taken from our handy “Transport Information Guide” which we send to all customers who book motorcycle transport with us.


What to do:

  • Clean your bike thoroughly. Not only will it be easier to mark any small scratches or dents, it is legally required by Transport Authorities (in Western Australia and Tasmania) that all bikes be cleaned.
  • Take your own photos and make note of any damage. We will also give you a copy of our condition report to be signed by you.
  • Write down any mechanical issues
  • Lower any electric windscreen and fold in mirrors
  • Disable the alarm system or put it in travel mode for bikes with FOBS
  • Fluid doesn’t need to be removed but it must not leak, it’s advisable to not have a full tank!
  • Make sure the tires are inflated and it’s roll-able so our Drivers can safely load it onto the truck
  • Remove all personal items. These are not covered by insurance so it’s recommended to keep them with you. Attaching other items to the bike can also cause damage and scratches during transport.

So there you go! Be sure to prepare your motorcycle for transport properly no matter who you choose to use. A little prep can go a long way for a smooth, safe and stress free transport.

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