What To Ask Before You Choose a Motorcycle Transport Service

Ask these questions to help you choose the right transport service!

Each service is different, make sure you get all the info you need to make the best choice.

1. What type of insurance is included in your service?

It is not a legal requirement for a motorcycle transport service to have insurance. Yes, really. Therefore you must always confirm that your transport service firstly has insurance, and secondly will cover the cost of your motorcycle. The majority of companies insure the bike for current market value. To be sure, ask the transport service for a current Certificate of Insurance and for further information read the terms and conditions. Comprehensive insurance is usually not covered and it is often advised that to take out private, additional insurance if you are worried.

*Ask if an official condition report is carried out on pickup and delivery. Be wary of any transport service that doesn’t provide one. 

2. What kind of vehicle will my bike travel in?

There are lot’s of ways motorcycles are transported around the country. Bikes can be sent with general freight companies or couriers and loaded onto Utes, trains, vans and trailers.

It is important to know if your bike will be travelling in an enclosed or open air vehicle, especially if it needs to travel a long distance.

3. How is the bike secured?

The vehicle the bike will be travelling in will determine how it is secured. Be aware that bikes can be crated, put on a pallet, wrapped or secured individually. Our Bikes Only trucks have are specifically designed to maximize safety.

  • Bikes are lifted using a hydraulic tailgate loader to truck level.
  • There is sufficient space is left between bikes to walk through.
  • Bikes are individually secured along adjustable tracks with soft nylon webbing straps that have been specifically designed for Bikes Only.
  • All bikes are strapped down with 4 x 500kg ratchet straps on the front axle and rear axles or swing arm depending on the type of bike.
  • We do NOT strap down the front forks using the handlebars or utilise any part of the bike that is susceptible to breakage.

Always ask exactly how your bike is secured.

bike secured with nylon strap

4. Are the Driver’s handling your bike experienced?

You want to know your bike is in good hands, so a driver who is experienced in the motorcycle industry is a must.

By using a motorcycle transport specialist you’re ensuring that your bike is handled properly by people who understand what they’re doing.

Company employees and contractors will undertake the same level of training, use the same quality vehicles and equipment, and are required to adhere to company procedures and policy on safety, hazards and service standards as per the Fair Work Act.

Many of our Bikes Only driver’s own their own bikes and love motorcycles. Find a transporter that cares.

* It’s common for transport companies to use contractors to broaden their service area, speed up delivery times and save the cost of buying multiple trucks. However this can also mean a compromise on the standard of service and safety provided in some cases. Ask if the company uses Contractors and if so, for how long have they been working together. 

Next time your shopping around be sure to find out the answers to these important questions. It will help you compare carriers and find the right one for you. Remember that often a cheap quote is not necessarily a great deal and they may be cutting corners somewhere to save costs.

Safety, security, professionalism and peace of mind are all worth paying that little bit extra for.

It’s easy to get a quote and book online, just use the INSTANT QUOTE feature on our homepage and follow the link to book.