Speed vs Safety for Motorcycle Shipping Times

A question often asked is why our motorcycle shipping times are sometimes longer than others?

We can ship your motorcycle in a short 5 days right up to 14 days later. In some locations such as Darwin, it can be a maximum of 30 days. So, why do we have our set runs and scheduled planned the way we do?

Our answer is simple. Providing a reliable and professional motorcycle shipping service in which we put the safety of your motorcycle FIRST is our main priority.

motorcycle shipping tie downBeing such a large speciality transporter with an expansive coverage area means that it’s hard to compete with your local ute and trailer type delivery guy. He might carry 5 motorcycles where we carry 60 motorcycles. We’re also not general freight companies who secure motorcycles using different methods and send it along with a bunch of other stuff.

These are a sample of some of the transport guidelines we stick to that influence your motorcycle shipping times and service;


  • Our Drivers stick to regulated driving hours to ensure they are well rested and alert at all times. This means no driving through the night and no risk of accidents due to fatigue.
  • Driver’s will not collect or deliver in an unsafe environment. This includes things like extreme weather and dangerous road conditions.
  • Driver’s take time to secure each bike properly. It takes 10 minutes to secure each bike and with 60 bikes, it’s important they take the time to do it right.


  • Our motorcycle shipping schedules are set runs, which means no matter how many bikes we have booked on the truck it will always leave. This regular service is what we are well known for. We do not have the option to pay an extra fee to get your bike sooner, as the routes, days and times are already set. By doing this we can give you extremely accurate and reliable pickup and delivery dates.
  • We collect a lot of motorcycles en-route to big cities, stopping in many regional towns. For example from Brisbane to Melbourne, we will collect from 8 – 10 towns along the way. This adds time to your delivery but expands our service area for customers.
  • However, we also have an upper limit on collecting motorcycles en-route to ensure that each motorcycle shipping time is still as efficient as possible.

motorcycle shipping condition reportSometimes you just want your bike there now and we understand, it can feel like a lifetime being a part!

However, it’s more important that we deliver your bike safely and you can trust that the timeframe we give you is highly accurate and reliable.

Good things take time, our driver’s all love motorcycles and care for them like their own. We prefer not to rush, not to cut costs or put our driver’s safety (or your bikes!) at risk. In some cases, this might mean an extra couple of days, but to have your motorcycle delivered just as you left it is worth it!

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