Your Top #3 Motorcycle Transport Questions Answered!

1. How long does it take to transport my bike?

Once your bike is collected on one of our scheduled runs, the motorcycle transport time will vary greatly depending on distance and location.

As a general guide;

  • Transport will take 5-7 working days from capital city to capital city e.g. Brisbane to Melbourne.
  • For regional areas transport time will be between 7-14 working days.
  • If your bike needs to travel a long distance, for example Cairns or Darwin to Perth, then expect this to take between 7-14 working days.
  • Always keep in mind that traffic or road conditions, weather and other unforeseen circumstances can affect delivery time, but as always we will update you if anything changes.

On booking we will work with you to confirm suitable pickup and delivery dates, based on our regular runs and set schedules.

We pride ourselves in our regular scheduled runs and will stick to them, no matter how many bikes are booked. It might be only 1 bike or 50 bikes, we will never let a customer down.

2. What is included in Insurance?

condition report

Your motorcycle is automatically insured for damage caused in the event of an accident involving our transport vehicle, which is standard in the transport industry. This Transit Isurance includes fire, flood, collision, theft and rollover. This does not include accidental damage. Whilst we have been professionally transporting bikes for 20 years, accidents can happen and we recommend to owners that you have adequate comprehensive insurance. This will cover any occurrence of accidental damage to your bike during the normal course of our operations. This can be done through your current insurance provider.


It’s also good to know that Transit Insurance doesn’t cover any personal belongings you may  leave on the bike in transit. So it’s best to remove anything valuable!

3. Will my bike travel in enclosed trucks?

We have a fleet of 11 heavy vehicles that are all securely enclosed, unmarked and designed to transport motorcycles with maximum safety.

Our trucks are either 10 metres for urban pickups or up to 22 metres long in regional areas. This can sometimes make it impossible to reach some residential areas due to narrow roads, trees, power lines, city ordinances, and other road factors.

In this case, a smaller, open air vehicle will be sent to pick up or deliver your motorcycle as often it is impossible for our larger trucks to get to the address. This will only occur for some local jobs, if the bike is then forwarded interstate it will travel in our enclosed, long haul trucks.



These are our most common customer questions, and we have more answers on our FAQ’s page!

Give us a call to chat about any of your own questions. Our Customer Care Team is available from 8am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

Call for a quote including dates, bookings and more on 1300 735 468.