• Please check your booking confirmation form now. Make sure all details (including spelling, phone numbers and bike details) are correct and amend it if necessary. Take note of your Booking Number.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions listed at the end of this Guide
  • Sign the confirmation form and return to us via email/fax/mail
  • If you selected to pay via Direct Deposit, please notify us of your payment (use your Booking Number as reference)


  • Ensure the bike is roll-able and tyre’s are inflated
  • A key is preferred to travel with the bike
  • Disable the alarm system or in travel mode for bikes with FOBS
  • Lower any electric windscreens & fold in mirrors
  • Make sure there is easy access to the bike for pickup/delivery
  • Fuel, oil etc. do not need to be removed – but it must not leak fluid
  • The bike must be clean and tidy for an accurate assessment on it’s general condition
  • We don’t recommend sending personal belongings with your bike. Never attach anything to the bike as it can cause damage in transit (Panniers, Top Boxes and Gear Sacks are ok!)
Always make sure each party involved is aware of the booking details, booking reference number and has read the Terms & Conditions on our website.


All boxes must be booked in with our Customer Care Team, if you haven’t done so already give us a call!
* Can weigh no more than 15kg
* Box fee is $50 (limit of 1 box only)
* Must be sealed and labelled with delivery address


  • Handle your motorbike in a safe, professional manner at all times.
  • Phone the sender the day before pickup and phone the receiver the day before delivery to advise you of a time.
  • Advise you of any delays due to traffic, weather etc
  • Carry out a Condition Report to be signed by both the sender upon pickup and the receiver upon delivery.
  • When picking up we will wheel the bike out from your accessible storage location without assistance
  • We will load and secure the bike in a manner which will not impact on the condition of the bike.
  • Unload the bike without assistance and place it on your property in a secure location subject to terrain and access.


  • Unfortunately we cannot give out the Drivers contact details
  • Drivers will phone prior to pickup – please have your phone handy and make sure you’re available on the day. In remote areas please provide a landline number as well
  • All pickups and deliveries at Depots require an appointment time which our Driver will arrange with you
  • Please be aware that road conditions, weather and some circumstances are out of our control can delay transport times, we are committed to a reliable service and will do everything in our power to manage these
  • Your motorcycle is covered by Transit Insurance whilst it is being conveyed in our vehicles and that vehicle is involved in an accident. We recommended also obtaining private comprehensive insurance.


  • Cancellation fees: If cancelled less than 48 business hours ( Mon to Fri 8am -4pm) before pickup date $30
  • Cancellation fees: If cancelled less than 24 business hours ( Mon to Fri 8am-4pm) before pickup date $95
  • All bikes must be clean to travel into WA and TAS otherwise a $1800 fee may be charged by transport authorities
  • If you are unable to receive delivery on the agreed date, storage fees may apply for each day held
  • Credit Card refunds will incur a 1% fee

We have the full Terms & Conditions listed on our website, which you can find under

Remember to check all of your booking details are correct, sign your booking confirmation form and send it back to us.
Write down the pickup/delivery dates in your diary, calendar or phone!
We will contact you to remind you as well.
If you have any further questions, check our website for more info or call our Customer Care Team on 1300 735 468