Transporting your
bike safely

A proven process built upon years of experience and know-how.

We’ve been transporting motorcycles across Australia for over 25 years. This experience means we’ve developed a tried and tested method of transporting motorcycles efficiently and safely. Here’s how we do it.

Make a booking

To get started, request a quote right here, or get in touch with our Customer Care Team who will prepare a custom quote for you - or you can make a booking right now. You’ll need to provide your bike details, pick up and drop off locations, and key dates.

Our trucks depart on regular scheduled runs, so we’ll provide you with our next available shipment dates. Select what works for you and you’re ready to go.

Preparation & loading

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive detailed information about your move, plus important motorcycle safety information. Next, the day prior to your booking, our driver will call you to confirm a pickup time. 

On pickup day, your bike will be closely inspected and a condition report completed. This report is provided to both the sender and recipient. Once that’s complete, our driver will load your bike onto our trucks using tailgate loaders, then strap down securely without the need for crates or packaging.

Download the preparation guide

In transit

With your motorcycle safely loaded onto our truck, we’ll be on our way to your delivery destination. While in transit, for added protection of your asset, industrial strength soft side curtains are used to fully enclose the truck. Our trucks are unmarked to reduce risk of theft. 

Within the truck, each bike is individually secured along adjustable tracks with soft nylon webbing straps. To minimise the risk of scratching, we also leave extra space between each bike with enough room to walk through. 

Arrival & delivery

Your bike has finally arrived! Depending on your arrangement, your bike will be delivered to our regional Depot, or direct to your door. Our driver will contact you prior to collection to confirm the delivery location and time. Then, upon arrival your driver will unload the motorcycle and complete a condition report to confirm your bike is in the same condition as it was loaded.


How we manage the safety and security of your motorcycle

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Bikes are individually secured along adjustable tracks with soft nylon webbing strap specifically designed for Bikes Only.

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We do NOT strap down the front forks using the handlebars or utilise any part of the bike that is susceptible to breakage.

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All bikes are strapped down with 4 x 500kg ratchet straps on the front axle and rear axles or swing arm.

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Your bike is automatically insured for damage caused in the event of an accident involving our transport vehicle. This includes fire, theft and rollover.

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Sufficient space is left between bikes to walk through.

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Bikes are stored in secured storage facilities in every state.

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All drivers are trained in how to correctly and safely handle motorcycles.

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All of our trucks are unmarked, plain vehicles for security purposes.


Transporting your bike safely and securely

  • Your bike is loaded onto a specialty truck using a tailgate. This keeps our people and your bike safe.
  • Your bike will be securely strapped on either side of the font forks, and fastened to the bed of the truck. The back wheel will also be strapped down to keep the bike nicely balanced. 
  • We ensure plenty of space between each bike. Enough room for people to walk between which means extra space to ensure bikes don’t bump each other during transit.
Download the preparation guide

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