In over 20 years we have transported hundreds of thousands of motorcycles and helped riders just like you get their bike safely – minus the stress and worry.

Our family owned and run business was established after identifying a need in the industry for a dedicated motorcycle transporter. We wanted to move our bikes and found no one could do it!

Today we provide a premium motorcycle transport service to all capital cities and a vast number of regional areas. Making us the only truly Australia Wide motorcycle transport company using our own trucks with fully trained drivers. Over the years we have developed what we believe is the safest way to transport a motorcycle, making us the preferred carrier for the motorcycle industry Australia wide. Manufacturers, Dealers, Removalists, Motoring Organisations, Tour Companies and various Federal and State government departments all trust us to provide safe, efficient and reliable service every time.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call or email our customer care team for a quote
  2. Book over the phone, providing all details of pickup and delivery, including 3rd party info which we will confirm to make sure everything is organised
  3. You’ll receive written booking confirmation and detailed information of your move plus motorcycle requirements for transport
  4. Your Driver will call the day prior to arrange a timeframe, and on the day in case of any traffic or weather delays!
  5. Each bike is inspected and loaded onto our trucks using tailgate loaders, then strapped down securely without the need for crates or packaging.

How we manage the Safety & Security of your motorcycle

  • Bikes are individually secured along adjustable tracks with soft nylon webbing strap

    A condition report is carried out on every motorcycle at pickup and delivery

  • Industrial strength soft side curtains are used to fully enclose the truck. Sufficient space is left between bikes to walk through.
  • Bikes are individually secured along adjustable tracks with soft nylon webbing straps that are specifically designed for Bikes Only.
  • All bikes are strapped down with 4 x 500kg ratchet straps on the front axle and rear axles or swing arm depending on the type of bike.
  • We do NOT strap down the front forks using the handlebars or utilise any part of the bike that is susceptible to breakage.
  • Our trucks are unmarked, plain vehicles for security purposes
  • Fully secured storage facilities in every state
  • Transit Insurance is included in the cost.
  • All drivers are trained in how to correctly and safely handle motorcycles

What we can move:

We transport all kinds of bikes. You can send a parcel or box along with your bike, but we have a few rules to ensure safety. Contact our Customer Care team for all the details.

  • Road
  • Mini
  • Dirt
  • Track Bikes
  • Trikes
  • Bike Trailers
  • Quads
  • Scooters
  • Sidecars
  • Boxes ($50 surcharge, limit of 1 box)