Door to Door Service

We have scheduled runs that leave daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly!  Our large fleet of trucks means we can provide a door to door service in most areas; our drivers will contact you prior to collection or delivery at your home, office, holiday accommodation or a nominated address of your choice. Alternatively, depots are available if necessary.

  • inspection
    We phone prior to pick up and delivery and carry out a condition report upon collection.
  • loading
    Bikes are lifted onto truck with a tailgate loader and secured individually.
  • curtain
    Industrial strength soft side curtains are used to fully enclosed the truck. Sufficient space is left between bikes to walk through.
  • tailgate
    Hydraulic tailgate loader to lift bike from ground to truck level.
  • webbing
    Bikes are individually secured along adjustable tracks with soft nylon webbing straps.
  • mezzanine
    Fully adjustable hydraulic mezzanine decks.

Transit Insurance

Your motorcycle is automatically insured for damage caused in the event of an accident involving our transport vehicle. This includes fire, theft and rollover. This does not include all damages which may occur during normal movement of the bike in transit.

Comprehensive Insurance

Whilst we have been professionally transporting bikes for 20 years accidents can happen and we recommend to owners that you have adequate comprehensive insurance to cover any occurrence of damage not caused by transportation to your bike during the normal course of our operations.

In the event that your bike is accidentally damaged during transit, please notify Bikes Only within 7 days of receiving delivery.

Please read our Terms & Conditions


Fly – Ride Trips & Holidays

The big problem with motorcycle holidays is distance, time and weather. Australia is a BIG country and yet there is so much to see and do for the motorcycle enthusiast, ride the Great Ocean Road, visit the Hunter Valley, tour Tasmania, go to Moto GP’s or Club Rallies, visit Nth Qld, WA and many more options.

Remove the time pressure and the stress from your holiday ride and travel further! With our set runs and regular services we can accommodate the pickup and delivery of your bike to match your travel dates. Schedule your shipment to have us pick up your bike and drop it off at our depot, then get online and book yourself a flight. When you get there, simply meet at our depot in the capital city, or even have it delivered to a nearby motorcycle dealer or your hotel.

What are you waiting for?  Grab your mates and get organised!


Major Events

Looking to attend a rally or club event with a few mates? We offer group discounts for Major Motorcycle Events throughout the year, such as the Ulysses AGM, The BMW Safari, The Long Ride and The Black Dog Ride.

Bikes Only Transport is the preferred transport company for many of these events held in Australia, as we are the only company that can provide the specialised vehicles and capacity for the event.


Buying or Selling a Bike

To give you peace of mind when buying, we offer a secure payment hand over service. The bike will be inspected upon pickup and a condition report completed before handing over payment to the seller. If there does happen to be a problem our driver will contact you directly.

Buying from an auction?

Should you buy a motorcycle to be collected from an Auction house such as Pickles or Manheim Fowles etc., read the following conditions to make sure we can collect it with no issues and no delays to your transport:

  1. Provide us with the following details when booking:
    1. Buyer Number
    2. Lot Number
    3. Vin Number of the bike
  1. If the bike has a key this must be specified at the time of booking.
  2. If the bike is damaged, un-rollable and needs to be palletised, this will incur an extra fee of $150