What we require:

  1. The other party i.e. buyer or seller involved in the movement of the bike MUST be fully informed of these conditions prior to a pickup/delivery.
  2. We recommend to owners that you have adequate comprehensive insurance to cover any occurrence of accidental damage to your bike during the normal course of our operations.
  3. Loose boxes may be carried @ $50 per box. They must be able to handled by 1 person, weigh less than 15kg and taped and clearly addressed. They must not be attached to the bike as it makes handling the bike more difficult for our staff and may damage your bike. Parcels must be booked and paid for when booking the motorcycle. No parcels will be taken unless pre booked.
  4. Bike must be rollable, and tyres inflated or additional charges may be added.
  5. A Key is required to travel with the bike.
  6. We do NOT start or ride bikes unless terrain makes it necessary and we have your approval.
  7. Fuel, oils etc do NOT need to be removed from the bike.
  8. A person or representative must be present upon pickup and delivery to sign the consignment note and Condition Report.
  9. Note: Condition reports are not an accurate description of your bike, only a guide to any obvious visible damage other than normal wear and tear. We do not accept responsibility for the accuracy or otherwise of our condition reports.
  10. Alarm system must be disabled or in travel mode for Harleys with FOB’s
  11. Motorcycles must NOT leak fluids, additional charges may apply.
  12. Damaged bikes must be rollable and able to be steered or strapped on a pallet before pickup particularly for auction purchases and will incur additional costs
  13. Easy access to the bike for pickup.
  14. Electric windscreens must lowered, if applicable.
  15. Fold mirrors in or loosen bolts to allow.
  16. Moto X bikes must have a triangle stand to support the bike when loading/unloading.

What we will do:

  1. Handle your motorbike in a safe, professional manner at all times.
  2. Phone the sender the day before pickup and phone the receiver the day before delivery to advise you of a time.
  3. Advise you of any delays due to traffic, weather etc.
  4. Carry out a Condition Report to be signed by both the sender upon pickup and the receiver upon delivery.
  5. When picking up we will wheel the bike out for you from your accessible storage location without assistance and load and secure the bike in a manner which will not impact on the condition of the bike.
  6. Unload the bike without assistance and place it on your property in a secure location subject to terrain and access.

Additional Charges

  • $50 per loose box, not to be attached to the motorcycle.
  • $88 Cancellation Fee or Futile Call for cancellations of less than 24 hours or not at home.
  • $38.50 Cancellation Fee for cancellations of less than 48 hours.
  • Credit card refunds will incur a 1% fee.
  • $125 Bio Security quarantine fee for WA/Tasmania if Government border authorities deem a bike too dirty.
  • Storage Fees: If you are unable to receive delivery on the designated date storage fees of $10 a day will apply.

Transit Times:

Please be aware that transit times may vary dramatically from the original ETA’s issued due to weather and road conditions. During peak periods transit times may increase due to increased volumes. Bikes Only Transport and our contractors will not be responsible for excess transit times.

Do NOT plan holidays, trips, meetings, etc. using our estimated transit times always confirm your booking first.

Terms & Conditions:

Please refer to our terms & conditions page

Please quote your booking reference number in all correspondence and contacts with Bikes Only Transport.

Buying at Auctions

Should you buy a motorcycle to be collected from an Auction house such as Pickles or Manheim Fowles etc., please ensure it meets the following requirements:

  1. When booking an auction pickup you must provide us the:
    1. Buyer Number
    2. Lot Number
    3. Vin Number of the bike
  2. If the bike has a key this must be specified at the time of booking.
  3. Bike must be rollable and able to be steered.
  4. We do not pickup non-rollable bikes unless palletised.
  5. Damaged bikes strapped on a pallet will incur additional costs
  6. No loose parts will be accepted with the bike inc. spares, boxes etc.

This will ensure we can collect the bike without problems and will not delay any transport times.